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E cigarette clearomizers are vital components of e cigs. They combine the atomizer and the e liquid tank into a single unit that is attached to a battery and used to vape. The two most prominent manufacturers of aftermarket clearomizers are Aspire and KangerTech.

Aspire and their popular Nautilus line of clearomizers is known for their changeable dual coils and high-end manufacturing materials. Another popular attribute of Aspire’s line of clearomizers is the adjustable lower ring. By turning the ring, airflow can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the individual vaper.

The finest offerings from KangerTech include the outstanding ProTank 2 series. They’re made from stainless steel plated brass and Pyrex glass instead of plastic, and not a drop of glue is used during fabrication. They can be broken down into their component parts for easy maintenance.

Modifications and aftermarket e cigarette clearomizers are best acquired through the most reputable Canadian retailers. Speak to their knowledgeable staff today to find out more about the exciting world of electronic cigarettes.
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When it comes to e cigarette clearomizers, two names stick out above the others. Aspire and KangerTech both have exceptional quality aftermarket parts made to improve the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the world. Each has its own unique qualities that make it special, but both are outstanding performers.


Aspire is most widely known for their Nautilus line of clearomizers. The adjustable airflow ring makes creating the perfect draw on your electronic cigarette a breeze. They’re constructed of top quality materials and are designed with simplicity and longevity in mind.


The ProTank series of clearomizers put KangerTech on the map. The ProTank 2 series made them legends in the industry. These large capacity modifications are perfect for the perfectionist vaper. Each unit can be broken down in seconds to their component parts for simple maintenance, as not a single drop of glue is used in their fabrication.
There are countless e cigarette clearomizers on the market today. To find options as well made as the Aspire and KangerTech models, ask the staff of the most reputable Canadian retailer supplying top quality e cigs and accessories today. 
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